PCB Through-Hole & Copper Surface Measurement Gauge - CMI760

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The CMI760 PCB Thru-Hole & Copper Surface Measurement Gauge is a benchtop coating thickness gauge that is specifically designed for PCB electronics manufacturers.

Highly versatile, the CMI760 coating thickness gauge is designed for those applications that require quick, easy, accurate and repeatable thru-hole measurements on PCB boards as well as measurements of copper plating on rigid, flexible, single and double-sided or multi-layer PCB boards.

CMI760 Brochure - Specifications and performance information

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CMI 700 SRP-4 Probe - Surface Copper Measurements SRP-4N Probe - Surface Copper Measurements (narrow tip) ETP Probe - Through-Hole Measurements
CMI760 Yes    
CMI760N   Yes  
CMI760E Yes   Yes
CMI760EN   Yes Yes
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